Tusker Dragon

  • Available at: lvl 17
  • Incubation Time: 21:00:00
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Red White
  • Buy: 1,300
  • Sell Value: 100 Gold
  • XP: 1,875 XP
  • Breedable: Yes
  • Expired: Yes

Tusker Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Light Fire 271 3 60%
Aether Dino 5 2 40%
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Additional Information

Tusker Dragons are born with only one tusk, but they take great pride in the solitary protrusion. Whenever the ground beneath their feet is soft, they like to jam their tusk into it. Caretakers often deter this behavior by sticking an apple on the end of the tooth. The dragons don't mind; they'll lick the apple all day. The day a young Tusker Dragon sprouts its second tusk is the happiest day of its life. To these jolly, playful creatures, tusks represent pride, responsibility, and strength. Caretakers mark this milestone with lavish Tusk Mitzvah celebrations; complete with food, dance, and song! Like gray hair and beards on humans, the elongated tusks of Adult Tusker Dragons demand respect from their short-tusked children. These creatures are amongst the most lighthearted and joyous of all dragons, however, so this hierarchical structuring applies only to seating order during Tusk Mitzvah celebrations. Epic Form Tusker Dragons are commonly referred to as Longtusks by caretakers familiar with the breed. With these glorious tusks, these dragons could command younger dragons to do anything, and they'd have to obey. But all Longtusks want to do is plan Tusk Mitzvahs for their children and cousins.