Poison Dragon

  • Available at: lvl 10
  • Incubation Time: 21:00:00
  • Rarity: Common
  • Type: Green Purple
  • Buy: 300
  • Sell Value: 100 Gold
  • XP: 300 XP
  • Breedable: Yes

Poison Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Forest Magic 175 94 81%
Atlantis Coral 32 9 8%
Poison Forest 15 6 5%
Daisy Genie 43 3 3%
Island Magic 119 4 3%
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Additional Information

Poison Dragons do possess a toxic bite, but as they grow they begin to teach other poisonous critters to use their fangs for good. Until then, however...make sure to feed [Name] before you pet them. By now, [Name] is learning that you're a friend, not an enemy, so you can play the day away without wearing protective gloves! Adult Poison Dragons can educate snakes and scorpions about their dangerous bites, teaching them to use their fangs only to protect the innocent. Epic Form Poison Dragons produce the most toxic venom known to man, but there is no record of one of them ever hurting a soul. Instead, they use their venom as an antidote to the bites of other poisonous creatures.