Fire Dragon

  • Available at: lvl 1
  • Incubation Time: 00:00:10
  • Rarity: Common
  • Type: Red
  • Buy: 100
  • Sell Value: 10 Gold
  • XP: 1 XP
  • Breedable: Yes

Fire Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Light Fire 271 179 44%
Fire Forest 262 109 27%
Virtue Light 108 58 14%
Diamond Fire 61 38 9%
Fortune Charm 30 27 7%
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Additional Information

A baby Fire Dragon's heart might be tiny, but it beats with bravery! As they grow stronger, a Fire Dragon's wing and tail flames glow brighter. [Name] finally has the bite to match that mighty Fire Dragon bark! With sharper teeth and a growing appetite, you'll need to keep [Name] well fed. Or else something cute might get eaten... Wow, look at [Name]! Your little Fire Dragon is all grown up. What muscles! What majesty! You should be proud. I wonder if you have the skills to evolve [Name] into Epic Form... Few Fire Dragons have even heard of the legendary Epic Form, but with your help, [Name] has become one. Those blazing wings will streak across the sky, setting clouds ablaze! Congrats!