New Year Dragon Breeding
Available at Level 10
Incubation Time 9:00:00
Rarity Rare
Sell Value 100 coins
Buy Value 900 gold
Breeding XP 900
New Year Dragon Arena Records
New Year Dragon at Neggs Network
New Year Dragon Breeding Instructions
Breed a Mist Dragon and a Magic Dragon until you get a New Year Dragon.

The most efficient method of breeding a New Year dragon is to breed
a Mist Dragon and a Magic Dragon together. If you don't get the New Year dragon the first time, don't be discouraged, you'll get lucky soon enough.
Adult Form
When one year draws to a close and another is about to begin, New Year Dragons appear on the Isles. Confetti, streamers, and good cheer follow the adult dragons wherever they go, and many caretakers have noted that fussy baby New Year Dragons are soothed by the sounds of Auld Lang Syne.