Naga Dragon Breeding
Available at Level 20
Incubation Time 9:00:00
Rarity Super Rare
Sell Value 100 coins
Buy Value 1,600 gold
Breeding XP 1,335
Naga Dragon Arena Records
Naga Dragon at Neggs Network
Naga Dragon Breeding Instructions
Breed a Virtue Dragon and a Forest Dragon until you get a Naga Dragon.

The most efficient method of breeding a Naga dragon is to breed
a Virtue Dragon and a Forest Dragon together. If you don't get the Naga dragon the first time, don't be discouraged, you'll get lucky soon enough.
Baby Form
Are Naga Dragons really dragons at all? Most Caretakers believe they are, though Naga Dragons certainly have many serpentine qualities, even beyond their scaly reptilian tails. For instance, Naga Dragons are known to begin hissing when they are annoyed. Naga Dragons are extremely quick to temper (and quick to strike), so if you hear hissing, it's time to back away slowly.
Juvenile Form
If you insist on keeping a Naga Dragon on your Island, make sure to keep a flute (or another wind instrument) nearby. When Naga Dragons become ornery, flute music is the best way to calm them down.
Adult Form
Naga Dragons don't crawl around on their bellies, but they do support themselves on the ground by their tail. They can't walk in the conventional sense - who needs hind legs? - so instead, they bounce around on their tail.
Epic Form
If you have an Epic Naga Dragon on your island, prepare to make all sorts of new slithering friends. Snakes follow Epic Naga Dragons in droves, migrating from hundreds of miles away if there's a Naga Dragon in the general vicinity. Their snake-herding abilities have earned Naga Dragons the nickname "Saint Patricks of the Dragon Realm".